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About Me

I'm a life-long New Yorker having been born, raised, educated and lived in New York City, and for the past 20 years and counting, a lawyer practicing in Manhattan.


So how did this lawyer get involved in photography? Well I've always had a passion for it, but for many many years I had very little time to pursue it. Then about three years ago, my wife, got me involved in the "365 Project", where I would shoot and post a photo every day for an entire year (and then I did another year). I simply took my camera to the streets, connected with my city and my photography took off. Members of the Project from all over the world consistently expressed tremendous enthusiasm for my photos. By the end of my second year, about 100 of my photos had been selected to the Project's world-wide weekly Top 20, including about more than a dozen number ones!


So after work or on the weekends, I would set out for some shooting by wandering through one of the city's many wonderfully diverse neighborhoods, like SoHo or the Lower East Side, or stroll through Central Park or venture to one of the City's revitalized waterfronts along the rivers. Also being a lawyer has its perks, like friends with great office views, and on occasion that gave me access to some unique vantage points.


Doing photography in NYC is special. There is no other place with such vibrancy, diversity and excitement. I hope you enjoy my photos.